About Me

Hi, I'm Kate
I've worn many hats in my career: Mom, Realtor, Costume Designer and beyond, but art has always been a part of my life...something in the background, something I could always rely on to bring me joy & peace. 
During a very challenging time in my life, turned to painting as a way of coping and finding some relief. Little did I know this would lead me to a new career and a level of personal fulfillment I never imagined.
I found a "happy place" on Instagram years ago and started a small business selling vintage home décor. I enjoyed collecting and selling vintage art and frames, but I never had the confidence to share my own work.
With the encouragement of my loved ones, I finally began to share my paintings with my Instagram audience, and the result was transformative.
People actually connected with my art and supported my vision!
This feeling has ignited a fire that inspires me to lean into this new journey as I reinvent myself once again.
I hope you find something here that makes you smile, and know that my heart & soul is poured into every painting.  
Yes, I do custom work so don't be afraid to ask.
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